Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Last night was a night of tricks and treats! For me it was only a few tricks and too much treats. When handing out candy it's tough not enjoy some in between trick-or-treaters. Dropping a fake spider on unsuspecting children is one of my families favourite Halloween tricks and gave us quite a few laughs. Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera out with me and therefore have no pictures of the night. 

 However I do feel that this photo of this old abandoned schoolhouse is pretty ominous. I took this picture last spring while I was on my way to London.

 Then I was there again this summer to take a few more. This time I had walked around the entire thing taking different pictures from different angles. It was kinda spooky that day too. The corn was thick and tall and as I walked around I kept watching to make sure some creature wasn't going to come out and get me. Probably just haunted by stories of Alfagetchas (or however you'd spell it). Some sort of creature that lives in the corn and will come out and take you (or so the story goes, told by my Mother to keep us from wondering into the corn fields when we were little). 

These aren't creepy but I just felt like sharing a few more pictures. This was while Fuzz was out hunting one evening this week. The sun was setting and the breeze was blowing through the golden rod. We didn't see any deer but it was still rather relaxing. 


 This is another older photo. Taken last spring one frosty morning in the swamp (where I did not get eaten by coyotes).  

So now October is done and we are into November. Just that much closer to Christmas!!!