Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Warmer Weather

So lately the weathers been a little strange. Just a little over a week ago we drove through what I think was this winters worst storm so far for driving. Strong winds and snow caused some very solid whiteouts. It was super cold. 
It looked a little more like this.....

Crispy and icy. 

In less than a week, winter turned to summer (so it seems anyways) and all the little critters started coming out or returning. 
First I noticed the robins and red winged black birds singing. Then the tundra swans came through in large numbers. 

Some of the local creatures came out to enjoy the sun as well. The turkeys have started strutting, turtles have been sunbathing, and at night the frogs are singing. 

Out in the swamp we see lots of animals. Like this deer.


 Or this hawk out hunting. 

Hunter has decided that birds, mud, and swimming are his favourite things. It can be a problem trying to get him to come when those things are present. He's a bit of a pain in the butt.

The sunsets have also been quite beautiful!

Overall I hope this warm weather stays. I'm enjoying wearing shorts and t-shirts in this 20º to 25ºC summer, even though it's supposed to be winter. 

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  1. Hunter is a little dirty. Maybe you should take him home and cuddle up with him on your bed!! :)