Friday, May 04, 2012


Sometimes I assist Stephanie  with weddings. I help carry equipment, move the van when needed, if something's forgotten I go back for it, and I take a few shots throughout the day. So far this year I've been to two different weddings with her.

 Sometimes I like to take pictures of just things... I really liked this green lamp. I wish it could be mine.

This was a wedding in Waterloo. The couple rented a house for themselves and the wedding party for the weekend. It made for easy preparation the day of the wedding having everyone all together getting ready, and it looked like they had a good time.

Pretty sweet boots eh?

I gotta say that feet shots are one of my favourites.

Then this past weekend we were in Stratford in less chilling weather. 
The colours were yellow and purple, one of my favourite combinations. 

Steph had bought us a nice big box of Timbits which I think I ate most of. The flower girl spotted them and wanted some of her own, so there was a box just for her.

 Can you tell she's excited to be getting married? 

In the last year I've been to a lot of weddings (as a banquet server at an Inn mostly) and I'm always interested to see how a couple will add their own personal touch. This couple hired a horse drawn carriage for the day. 

After a day of following Steph around I really appreciate wedding photographers and everything they do. It's a very long and tiring day! But it's nice to sit down afterwards and look through the photos and see the smiles and intimate moments that were captured of a couples special day.