Friday, October 19, 2012

The Many Faces Of Fuzz

Over the years Fuzz has had many different looks. He likes to change it up and try new things every once in a while. With the different combinations of hair styles and beard-ish things he's had, I don't think that there's ever been one look that's been the same as another. 
When I met him he had long hair.

 It's not hard to see how he got the nickname "Fuzzy"
There have been times with crazy (scary) beards and hair...

And other's with no facial hair at all...

Sometimes he has short hair... 

Other times it's somewhere in between all that...

(No matter what the hairstyle, he's always a goof)

Then there's the different looks that factor in his choice of clothing as well.
For example, the bush man...

The ninja hunter...

Kinda like some modern Amish guy... 

Or apparently "smart"

 Then there was that one time that, for an assignment, his hair and beard inspired me to cast him as a Davy Crockett type character. 

Those were some of my favourites of him. I laugh every time I look at them. So here's another. 

We've often discussed what our kids will look like. It's a complete mystery. Especially when it comes to what type of hair they will have. Are they going to have Fuzz's darker, curly hair, or my blonder, straight hair, or maybe something in between? 

I guess we only have a short wait to find out now. 

Thursday, October 04, 2012

And so Begins the Fall...

This past weekend we had the pleasure of sleeping over in Mom and Dad's trailer while down for my cousins wedding, (which was beautiful! however I did not bring my camera along so no pics here). 
Despite the forecast looking a little grim, the weekend turned out to be really nice and just cool and fresh, like fall should be. 
We enjoyed a delicious pancake breakfast in the morning, had a nice fire and packed up to head home. 

This is Fuzz enjoying some coffee and just pondering life... 


In reality, he's just being a goof. He bought some fake glasses for fun but likes to where them all the time. He thinks they make him look smart. Another reason he wears them is just to bug me.


 Just packing things up. 

These next couple pictures are classic M'lynn... (don't worry I blurred the obscenity).

You'd think her butt would get chilly. 

This is Mom sporting her awesome sweater she made. She's one creative lady. 

  And speaking of creative, this next sequence of photos documents the burning of a chocolate milk carton, by Fuzz. 


Pretty spectacular eh? I personally like it and thought he captured it well. 
Altogether it was a pretty good weekend and a good end to September. 

Now here's a few photos just to get you in the fall mood. 
This was my little venture to get dog food, after the store in Exeter apparently closed, and then the road to Varna (where their other store is located) was also closed due to construction. Hunter still needed food so I got the dog and my camera and made the trip by another route, which also happens to have this nice walking trail on the way.   
It ended up being worth the trouble just to spend a little time out in the autumn beauty.

I hope these awesome colours stick around for a little while longer.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


So I think I've come to the conclusion that summer is for working. It seems that for us it's the time of year where we see less of each other and have less time to do anything apart from work. None of this summer vacationing happening here. In Fuzz's case, landscaping can only be done when the weather permits it so he packs his yearly work hours into 8 to 9 months, working longer hours while the sun is shining. I just seem to by chance always work more in the summer and less, if at all, in the winter. I guess that's what happens when you live in an area based largely on seasonal tourism. 
This year I got a job at a new gas station that opened in Exeter. I happen to be the lucky one that gets every weekend off, however I am up by 4:30 each morning to get there in time to open for 5:30 everyday during the week. I was not a morning person before this. Well maybe an 8:30 or 9:30 type of morning, but anything before that made me pretty miserable. I think I've adjusted alright to the early mornings now, with the addition of afternoon naps and early bedtimes (somewhere between 7:30 and 8:30 is best). This schedule means that I pretty much go to bed as soon as Fuzz gets home, but just until the sun starts setting sooner and they aren't able to work quite as late. 
With all the working (and napping) going on I pretty much only used my camera twice this summer. Even then I only ended up taking a few pictures of the occasions...

One was Leah's Birthday! On June 21st this little cutie turned one!          

She learned what presents are and did a pretty good job at opening all her new things. 

She also learned what little red shovels taste like...

As well as the deliciousness of iced cupcakes! 

The second event that my camera got brought out for was a short weekend camping trip Fuzz, Hunter and I took to MacGregor Point Provincial Park. We drove up on a Friday night, spent Saturday relaxing, and packed up early Sunday morning (thanks to me getting sick) to come home. We've decided that camping trips need to be more than just a weekend affair. It wasn't near enough time for relaxing and exploring the park. We did have a good time though. It was Hunter's first time camping and I think he wouldn't mind if camping was his life. He got to sit in the back seat of the car and stick his head out the window, come with us everywhere we went, and even sleep right beside us in the tent. People kept telling us what a well behaved dog we have. We just kept thinking "ya right."

We did get a chance to head down to the lake for a little. The weather could not have been better. Both the sky and the lake were super blue that day. 
Fuzz took this shot of a lonely seagull out on a rock... 

Then we released the hound, who had also spotted the lonely seagull way out on the rock.

This dog could very easily live in the lake I think.

Most of our time was probably spent here, in the hammock. We had the perfect campsite for it. Two birch trees just the right distance apart with little brush (or poison ivy) underneath made the ideal location for it. We spent many hours gently rocking back and forth in the cool shade.

But that was it. Those were the only times I got my camera out this summer. I brought it along with us a few other times to markets, or a corn freezing weekend at Ash and Darryl's, but didn't take any photos with it. Hopefully things will start to slow down again though, and maybe work won't be quite as crazy. I'm looking forward to a few more weekends with the warm weather and maybe a couple more campfires to visit, but will welcome the fall with it's cooler nights and slower pace when it gets here. 

Friday, May 04, 2012


Sometimes I assist Stephanie  with weddings. I help carry equipment, move the van when needed, if something's forgotten I go back for it, and I take a few shots throughout the day. So far this year I've been to two different weddings with her.

 Sometimes I like to take pictures of just things... I really liked this green lamp. I wish it could be mine.

This was a wedding in Waterloo. The couple rented a house for themselves and the wedding party for the weekend. It made for easy preparation the day of the wedding having everyone all together getting ready, and it looked like they had a good time.

Pretty sweet boots eh?

I gotta say that feet shots are one of my favourites.

Then this past weekend we were in Stratford in less chilling weather. 
The colours were yellow and purple, one of my favourite combinations. 

Steph had bought us a nice big box of Timbits which I think I ate most of. The flower girl spotted them and wanted some of her own, so there was a box just for her.

 Can you tell she's excited to be getting married? 

In the last year I've been to a lot of weddings (as a banquet server at an Inn mostly) and I'm always interested to see how a couple will add their own personal touch. This couple hired a horse drawn carriage for the day. 

After a day of following Steph around I really appreciate wedding photographers and everything they do. It's a very long and tiring day! But it's nice to sit down afterwards and look through the photos and see the smiles and intimate moments that were captured of a couples special day.


Monday, April 23, 2012


Last week I was dying. It felt like it anyways. 
For about a day and I half I just couldn't keep anything down. Then after I had nothing nutritious left in me, my stomach still refused everything. I couldn't drink water or juice, I couldn't eat anything but crackers which just tasted bad and bland. I slept a lot and did pretty much nothing at all. Fuzz had to figure out his own suppers so he pretty much had pizza and perogies every night which would have been delicious in my opinion, but just not this week.  
Now today is Monday, and although I was feeling much better by the weekend, I still didn't do anything because it was my birthday on Saturday and I just was lazy on Sunday. So here I sit, looking at the giant mountain of laundry sitting at the end of the bed that needs folding, pretty much every dish we own has been used and piled high on the counter, and the dog's hair is lining every corner of this place. Gross. How can two people and one small dog make such a mess of a little apartment?

No pictures for now. Just lots of cleaning to be done. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Little Miss Leah-kins

Happy Easter!!! 
I know, a little late, but everyday is worth remembering the sacrifice that was made to pay for our mistakes. 

This Easter, seeing as Ash and Darryl were home with little Leah baby, I took a few pictures of their little fam. 

She also decided this past weekend that she is going to walk all by herself.

These were just a few of my favourites from the day.