Thursday, April 11, 2013

Maple Syrup Time!

We sometimes help make maple syrup. I really like the stuff. I like to put it on everything. I like to drink it by itself. I like making it. 
Usually Fuzz isn't quite back to work around the maple syrup season which means we have the time to help out, and if you know anything about making this delectably sweet liquid you'll know that it takes a long time. So we spend a lot of time sitting in the sweet smelling shack, boiling sap down into maple syrup. The next few photos are from a couple years ago. 

It was a little less wintery this time around. The snow was pretty much gone when we were there this year. This year I took a walk around the farm and took some photos of a few other things other than syrup. The best eggs come from this place; free range organic chicken eggs, and now duck as well! 


(The wood stove for boiling sap. Keeps the shanty warm and toasty and smelling so sweet!) 

 One of the most peaceful places I know of!