Monday, April 23, 2012


Last week I was dying. It felt like it anyways. 
For about a day and I half I just couldn't keep anything down. Then after I had nothing nutritious left in me, my stomach still refused everything. I couldn't drink water or juice, I couldn't eat anything but crackers which just tasted bad and bland. I slept a lot and did pretty much nothing at all. Fuzz had to figure out his own suppers so he pretty much had pizza and perogies every night which would have been delicious in my opinion, but just not this week.  
Now today is Monday, and although I was feeling much better by the weekend, I still didn't do anything because it was my birthday on Saturday and I just was lazy on Sunday. So here I sit, looking at the giant mountain of laundry sitting at the end of the bed that needs folding, pretty much every dish we own has been used and piled high on the counter, and the dog's hair is lining every corner of this place. Gross. How can two people and one small dog make such a mess of a little apartment?

No pictures for now. Just lots of cleaning to be done. 

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