Monday, March 26, 2012

To the Beach!

Last week, seeing as it turned summer and all, I went to the beach! I'm fortunate enough to live only a 10 minute drive to lake Huron. Every year over winter the beaches change. You never know until the ice melts (if there is any ice), what the shoreline will look like. Sometimes it's just sandy while other times, like this year, it becomes littered with interesting pieces of drift wood and smooth stones. 

It can make it difficult to walk on but it sure is pretty. 

My sister, brother, and I went for walk. 
Hunter liked it very much when M'lynn threw sticks way out in the water for him to retrieve.

Isaac was gathering beach glass and finding cool rocks and sticks. Notice how I now have to look up to take a picture of him because he has by far surpassed me in height. 

The water was very calm and clear and blue on this particular occasion.

The grasses are just starting to grow back, ahead of schedule this year.

I even stuck my feet in! It was chilly of course but not as cold as I expected for March!

Unfortunately today we are back to regular temperatures for this time of year (a high of 3ÂșC today) and so I'm wearing my long johns, hats and mitts again. So far I have refused to turn the heat back on and am baking instead. Far from the summer like breeze of last week! 

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