Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Winter Escape

For the last four or five years, my family has been making the trip up to Steenburg Lake in the summer for vacation. Over the years it's been getting harder to get everyone together at the same time. Summer is a busy time and for some and it's harder to get off work. This year, to be sure that everyone would be able to make it for the full week, we decided to go in the winter! 

 It was a beautiful week! We had pretty much every kind of weather while we were there. 
There was a thunderstorm the first night, then the temperature dropped for a few days down to around -30°C. We still all bundled up to enjoy the outdoors though. 
Here's just a few shots of the winter splendor we beheld there last week.

Now today it's supposed to reach 14°C and all our snow here at home has melted for now. I already can't wait until next year to head to our winter wonderland! 

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