Friday, July 26, 2013

How Quickly Things Change...

    One of my favourite places to go for a walk is Danceland road. As one of the highest points around, this gravel road has beautiful sunrises, breathtaking sunsets, and views over fields with rolling hills sloping down to the lake. There are no houses (not on the stretch that I like to walk anyways) and the edge is lined with fruit trees including many different types of apples, some pear, and some cherry. Seeing as it's the first side road out of town it's also convenient for taking the dog to run.
    Recently we've had a few good (and by good I mean bad) storms go through which quickly changed the scenery...

Isaac in the healthy corn
Cherries, growing wild
It was very overcast that day as it was about to rain. Still beautiful though! 

Two weeks later and this view is a little different... 

Corn destroyed in a storm by large hail and strong winds
 The fruit's still looking good but not quite ready for eating. 


It's a good place for a walk and some time spent together. 

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