Friday, June 13, 2014

The Little Girlies...

Since it has been so long I will give a general update of the little girls that we have been so blessed to call our daughters. I'll start with Charlotte....

Little Charlotte
 Charlotte is our little April Fools baby. She was born on April 1st, weighing 6 lbs. 6oz. Just a few ounces smaller than Penelope had been. Both our girls were born in the same small hospital in Goderich, in the same room, and both times it was supposed to be the same doctor, who, due to the speedy delivery time, missed both births. However the hospital has great nurses and staff who did an excellent job with everything!    

Ryan and Charlotte in our room at the hospital in Goderich.

So far her personality has been totally different from her big sister. She's more quiet and cuddly than Penelope but just as cute!

She's also got quite a bit more chunk on her! 

Then there's Penelope. What a girl! At 18 months she chatters non-stop about who knows what (although she has quite the vocabulary for her age), loves to sing and dance to her own songs, is very independent, super shy when confronted by most, is crazy about animals, flowers, and rocks, and loves her little sister soooo much.

Constantly has dirty feet too...

We just love this little goof. 

It's pretty awesome to have been given these two little people to look after. I foresee lots of giggles and laughter in my future. 

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  1. Love to kiss those baby cheeks! And the new frowny face when having a conversation with Penelope must mean she's become a deep thinker...with lots of hand gestures too.