Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Abandoned Little Home

My sister M'lynn and I went to Bayfield today just for a drive. I've been past this place many times and often thought about stopping to take some photos, so today we did!

At first I was just going to take some from the road but M'lynn encouraged me to cross this fence, assuring me that she would keep watch. 

What a cute place! I'm sure someone loved and took care of it at one point.

 M'lynn's keeping watch skills suck. I got up to turn around and come back just in time to see a police put on his brakes and open the window. Turns out he had other priorities though. Seems that the pharmacies in our area were robbed or something like that again (I hope no one was hurt), so he just wanted to make sure nothing was wrong and point out the "no trespassing" sign.


  1. oh that M'Lynn - thankfully the officer didn't give you too much trouble. Your photos are amazing, btw!

  2. I like them all of coarse. But I did zoom in on that "Coke crate". I think that's what it said.