Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wintery Blue Skies

Last week Fuzz and I went for a little drive out and about just for the heck of it. There were a couple of houses that we did purposefully put on our route. This one below is one in Arkona that Fuzz saw while doing some landscaping nearby this past summer. The weather was abnormally warm and snowless for this time of year but this winter just seems to be full of days like this. The sky was a very nice blue though.

This next house is outside of Thedford. When I was little I wanted to live here. The barn was still standing at that time and you could hardly see the house through the weeds and vines. There was an old rusty tractor that sat off to the side, also just peeking out of the creeping vegetation. Obviously someone has been doing some cleaning and clearing out here. I'm glad I took a picture of it now before the house is gone.

I like me some old crumbly houses. 

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